PRAPTI TEXCO embarked on its journey in 1997 with a modest beginning and a visionary goal of serving the Textile and Engineering industries. Guided by its experienced CEO, Atul Udeshi, who possesses extensive expertise in textile sectors such as Spinning, Weaving, Knitting, Processing, and various specialized engineering applications, the company has witnessed remarkable growth and diversification. Mr. Udeshi's extensive marketing experience both in India and abroad has facilitated numerous international partnerships and collaborations.
Over time, PRAPTI TEXCO has strategically expanded its team to include professionals specializing in marketing, after-sales service, and consultancy, leading to the establishment of a prestigious clientele that comprises industry leaders. Many of these clients continue to engage in repeat business with us. This is the true guide of our effective and correct business model.
In response to the evolving industry landscape, which now places a significant emphasis on high technology products such as TECHNICAL TEXTILES, POWER SAVING TECHNOLOGIES, GREEN POWER TECHNOLOGIES, REDUCTION OF UTILITIES WASTAGE, VALUE-ADDING PLANTS/MACHINERY, and HIGH-EFFICIENCY PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT WITH MINIMAL UTILITIES CONSUMPTION, PRAPTI TEXCO has adapted to the industry's new principles. We have achieved this by collaborating with renowned companies from various developed countries across the globe to expand our product offerings.
Discover how PRAPTI TEXCO is committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions and staying at the forefront of industry advancements.