Cabinet Dyeing, Hank Dryer & Jaeggli Yarn Mercerizing Machines

Hank Dyeing Machines
1 Loris Bellini Type APPC 230LV, Yom 2002, 368kg
1 Loris Bellini Type APPC 38LV, Yom 2002, 60kg
1 Loris Bellini Type APPC 25LV, Yom 2002, 32kg
1 Loris Bellini Type APP 15LV, Yom 2005, 24kg
1 Loris Bellini Type APP 12LV, Yom 2005, 16kg
1 Loris Bellini Type APP 8LV, Yom 2005, 8kg

Hank Drying Machine
1 Alea Type MNC1+1/2, Yom 2002, 1+1/2 Chamber

Mercerizing Machine
1 Jaeggli-Meccanotessile Type ALS2000/HL2000, Yom 2002, 2 Squeezing R/O



GOLLER - WUMAG Pad Dry Range

Year 1999, Roller width 3.4 m, max. working width 3200 mm

High Entry with fabric feed rollers, compensator
GOLLER 2 Bowl padding mangle

9 WUMAG Drying Cylinders, all Teflon Coated
Horizontally mounted, exhaust hood and extraction

Exit with cooling cyl. plaiter & "A" frame batcher



1 Ehwha Platinum Stenter

Yom 2011, width 2,600 mm
10 chambers, oil heating
the pin chain type
Full inverter driving

Touch screen with PLC
Texter guider at entrance
2 bowl padding mangle
2 cooling cylinder
Plating down device at exit
In complete set



Leather Dyeing Plant

(Not Complete List)

2 Colors Make Poletto Year 2001
1 Color Rotativ Make Poletto Del 2001
1 Matros Del 1998
2 Overflow 150 Kg, Year 1993
2 Overflow 200 Kg, Year 1992/93
2 Jigger Mcs Mezzera Year 2000
1 Santex Year 2007
1 Sperotto Year 1993
1 Ram Monforts Year 2003
1 Ram Vecom Year 1993




Year 1989, working width 2 mts,
3 compartments double passages, gas heated, 500 kg/hour

Suitable for knit fabric




Max. working width 3400 mm
Delivered new in 1988; extended 1995 and updated in subsequent years,
overhauled in 2003

High entrance gantry with feed and tension rollers,
Second high gantry with E+L edge guiders, feed & tension rollers
Caustic impregnation
Mercerization zone with 32 rollers. +18 stabilising rollers
Neutralising/washing zone with 5 Multi Roller wash tanks, intermediate squeezers
Exit with final heavy squeeze, scray & plaiter



1 Automated Carpet Cross-Cutting, Slitting, Wrapping & Re-Rolling Machine

Year 1995, width 5000 mm
This is a fully automatic carpet cutting machine.
It is capable of up to 450 cuts per shift (based on 1.5 cuts / roll).
It is fitted with an automatic wrapping material dispenser and twin shear crosscut as standard

Comprising of:
Type: Wrapidmaster
Conveyor Input Table
Batching Roller
Excess Card Tube Collection
Conveyor Laying Out
Cross – Cutting
Adjustable Slitting Head
Automated Rolling
Automated Wrapping
Output Collection Table
Labeling – Pc Generated
Operators Controller Desk/Control Panel

Power: 415v 50hz

Fully Refurbished

Machine Dimensions:
Width - 8.0 Meters
Length – 13.0 Meters
Height – 3.0 Meters



Loris Bellini Yarn Package Dyeing Plant

The lot consists of a range of vertical autoclaves for a daily capacity of about
8 tons of wool blends, as listed hereunder:

• Position for manual loading of the barrels and packages’ compression
• 2 Bellini mod. RBNV autoclaves, year 1996
• 2 Bellini mod. RBNV autoclaves, Year 1999
• Double barreled color kitchen, Leonardo program unit
• 1 overhead traveling crane
• 22 material holders, 24 barrels each, for packages, gauge between the barrels 260 mm
Capacity of each tank n. 240 cones with tubes of 170 mm diam. 240 mm

Robotized hydro-extraction unit consisting of:
• one 1800 mm Minnetti centrifuge, year 1996
• 2 centrifuge baskets
• 1 automatic overhead travelling crane for loading and unloading operations
• Robotized system for loading and unloading of the centrifuged, wet and dried packages
• Control panel

Drying unit:
• 1 Minnetti forced air dryer, year 1996
• 1 Minnetti forced air dryer, year 2000
• 65 steel/aluminium trolleys for packages

Tops drying
• 1 Stalam 30 Kw radio frequency dryer, year 1986
Auxiliary equipment
• 1 storage unit for chemicals
• 1 Maino rotary dye store




Year 2000

Composed by:
4 Evaporators
Temperature 170ºC1.0/6.5 Bars
Filtration of weak caustic soda with rotary filter
Level in collecting tank
Pump for weak lye from collecting tube with 3 level switches
Lye purification with LPS-800
Recovered caustic soda level control tube with 3 level switches
Pump for recovered lye from recovered lye to consumer

Performances of the plant:
Feed of week caustic soda – aprx. 4240 kg/h   - 4000 l/h
Concentration of weak caustic soda – aprox. 5.20 % - 8.0 ºBe
Output of recovered caustic soda - aprox. 630 Kg/h - 456 l/h
Concentration of recovered caustic soda – aprox. 35.0% - 40 ºBe
Water evaporation capacity - aprox. 3610 kg/h



2 Osthoff-Funke Jigger
Yoc 1997 (as new, is worked only a few hours), w.w. 2400 mm


1 Bruckner Stenter
Yoc 1997 (machine is new, in 34 cases (box), w.w. 2400 mm,


1 Stork Steamer
Yoc 1997 (machine is new, in 18 cases), w.w. 3400 mm


1 BUSER Rotary Screen Printing Machine

Model Rotamac R5R, Yom 2000
8 Printing units
Table Length 20 mtrs
Maximum printing width 2400 mm
Maximum fabric width 2500 mm
Repeat range 641~1018 mm
Thermal Oil Heating method



2 Babcock Stenter Machines

Model 1 x 5805 Yom 1995 & 1 x 5000-5500, Yom 1996
Working width 2200 mm, 6 Chambers, Thermal Oil
Padder, Weft Straightner



38 THEN Dyeing Machines

4 THEN AFS 450 Dyeing Machines, Yom 1994/5
4 THEN AFS 675 Dyeing Machines, Yom 1994/5
4 THEN AFS 900 Dyeing Machines, Yom 1995
4 THEN AFS 900 Dyeing Machines, Yom 2001
4 THEN AFA 450 Dyeing Machines, Yom 1999
8 THEN AFA 900 Dyeing Machines, Yom 1999
5 THEN AFA 900 Dyeing Machines, Yom 2001
4 THEN AFA 450 Dyeing Machines, Yom 2001
1 THEN AFE 450 Dyeing Machines, Yom 2005



3 I-KUANG Hi-speed Brushing Machines
Year of make 2001



2 Sperotto Rimar SM/6 Sueding Machines
Year of make 2001



Continuous Terry Rope Dye Equipments

1 Terry Rope Dye Range #1
A – Menzel “J” Scray entry 60 inches wide
B – Morrison 2 Roll Dye Padder with Nips year 1963
C – Morrison 2 Roll Dye Padder with Nips year 2002
D – Morrison Double roll Steamer
90 yard capacity 14 pairs vertical front rollers
26 pairs horizontal rollers
E – “J” scray
F – Menzel 14 tube Vertical Rope Washer Year 1994
G – Bucket compensating scray
H - Menzel 14 tube Vertical Rope Washer Year 1994
I – Bucket compensating scray
J - Menzel 14 tube Vertical Rope Washer Year 1994
K – Bucket compensating scray
L – Greenville Steel Tensitrol Rope Washer 94 inches with
Pull reel and Compensating scray

1 Terry Rope Dye Range #2
A – Bin entry and pull stands
B – Morrison 2 Roll Dye Padder with Nips year 1963
C – Morrison 2 Roll Dye Padder with Nips year 2002
D – Morrison Double roll Steamer
90 yard capacity 14 pairs vertical front rollers
26 pairs horizontal rollers
E – “J” scray 60 inches wide
F – Greenville Steel 12 strand Horiziontal
Rope washer 180 inches wide – Year 1996
G – Bucket compensating scray
H - Menzel 14 tube Vertical Rope Washer Year 1994
I – Bucket compensating scray
J - Menzel 14 tube Vertical Rope Washer Year 1994
K – Bucket compensating scray
L – Greenville Steel Tensitrol Rope Washer 94 inches with
Pull reel and Compensating scray




Year 1997, working width 3000 mm,
1 STORK single rotary head coating machine CT4 with equalizing squeegee,
1 ZIMMER single rotary head "RHRRSGMA" with equalizing squeegee,
with "MONTEX 5000" stenter frame 5 bays (2 bays year 1997 and 3 bays year 2010) –
combined chain pins-clips, 5 gas burners Maxon 325 kW each, axial rolling unit at exit,
with STORK foam-generator FPC year 1996 cap. 600 liter




Continuous Bleaching Line for Woven Fabrics
Make: Brugmann
Year 1996
Roller width 2000 mm
Max. Fabric width 1800 mm

composed of:
High Fabric feeding frame
Fabric Tension control
E&L Cloth guiders
3 x Pre-Washing compartments with heavy squeezing at exit
1 x Chemical application compartment
Reaction chamber with tight strand and roller bed steamer
3 x Washing compartments with squeezing at exit
Exit onto batcher
OR continue to steam heated
Exit onto plaiter or to batcher
380v, 50hz with Inverters and drive by Control Technics


Steamer Stork, BRABAND P.V
HS–4, Type 2200

Technıcal specıfıcatıons:
In 2000 mm wıdth
350 mt capacıty
Oıl and steam heated
Pikment and dısperse
To work
1997 model
Automatıc speed control pc
Automatıc steam control
Is workıng


Monforst Stenter
Year 1996, 2000 mm
Oil heater system
Model montex twin air
Entry J-box
Kustes padder type RFM-C 94H
8 chambers
Horizantal pin & clips
Two air cooling unit
Two colling drum
Fabric accumulator
Double batcher


Year 1996,
2 Channels
For Softening, drying, compacting, relaxing, washing, enzyme, and peach handle
Fibrillation / de fibrillation
Capacity depending on Fabric 1200m


1 Open width Washing Machine BRUGMAN
Year 1996
Rolles width 2000 mm
Working width 1800 mm
Washing rol diam 160 mm
7 washing and squısıng unıts
Erhat & Laimer Openning stsytem
Exit batching roller
Automatic dossing system with tanks
With fully computer PLC controller
20 cylinder dryer




MOERS-BEYSS DECATIZING line in autoclave type KD,
Mod. VAPERMAT 1200, Yoc 1995
Rollers 1800 mm (width of satin fabric) 
Entry frame with fabric brake adjustable system 
Weft straightner BIANCO with spins wheels mod. TRAMATEX 
Autoclave decatizing 
Drum dia. 1200 mm
Delivery fabric in folding device



SUPERFINISH M-TEC Decatizing Machines

1 line Menscher (M-TEC) SUPERFINISH 2 Yoc 1992 butcompletely
overhauled in 2007

composed of:
Fabric entry frame + driving group 
weft straightner with pins wheels make BIANCO mod. TRAMATEX SP02 Yoc 1990
Rollers 2000 mm – width of the silicon carpet 1850 mm 
Wet device WEKO Yoc 2004, Decatizing cylinder, delivery fabric in folding device


1 WELKER Yarn Steamer

Yoc 1992, Complete with Stenco water softener
Interior volume 76.000 ltr.
Capacity 4 trolleys of 720 x 1.045 x 870 mm
Approx. 240 to 300 Kg per load
Steam boiler with 1.364 ltr. volume
Working pressure from 1 to 4 bars
Max. working temperature 150ºC
Steam production 0,117 tons/hour
Electrical heating
Welker PLC with various programs
With vacuum pump of 11 kW



2 TVE-ESCALE ECO-MATIC 1000 Jigger Machines

Year 2003
Roll Width 2,200 mm
Max Fabric Width 2,000 mm
(1) Vacuum Pump / each
Plaiter at exit
Max Winding Width / each 1,000 mm Dia.
Electrical: 50Hz, 380v
To wash, bleach, and dye woven fabrics



2 Thies Mini Soft HT Dying Machines

Year 1999 with each 5-15 Kg, like new



Complete Yarn Dyeing Installation

Capacity: Approx 2 Tons per Day

Consisting of:
3 X Thies Ecobloc Series II, Type KB 1600, capacity: 180 kg, Yom 1983/4/8
High temperature, 2 cone carriers per machine, AREL controller type 304

1 X Fongs, Type ALLWIN 70, capacity: 70kg, Yom 2006
High temperature, 2 cone carriers, AREL controller 504

1 X Fongs, Type LABWIN 6, capacity: 6kg, Yom 2006, controller FONGS FC 28

1 X Thies, Type Rapid Dryer, capacity: 180 kg, Yom 1983

1 X Dettin Hydro Extractor, Type BERTA 18, Yom 2000

1 X Air receiving tank




Yom 1999, Roller 2,000 mm
Working width 67” (max)
Feeding: Roller type
Spec: 3 Cutter x 3 Chamber
Cutter Movement: By air cylinder
Speed: 30 m/min (max)
Tension control: rod sell system
Heating: Steam
Laminating: Double pile system
Fan: Heating (5.5 Kw), Exhaust (3.7 Kw)
Power consumption: 200 Kw
Dimension: 2,400 mm(W) x 86,000 mm(L) x 3,500 mm(H)



3 GUMA Automatic Yarn Raising Machines

Yoc approx. 1989, from cone to hank, Automatic meter counter,
40 spindles each, Automatic stop motion, Semi-automatic hank change,
Frequency inverter, Raising machine with 2 raising cylinders,
Suction box NSC, Machine size 700 x 450 cm,
Hank presses, some spare parts



1 Set Biancalani – Airo 1000 Machine

Year 1996,
Oil Heating, Type SPE



OT-LAS Laser Decorating Machine

Mod. GOAL 500, Yoc 2004
Useful working width 1600 mm
(suitable for finished fabrics, which generally have a width of 150/152 cm)
Feeding and delivery of the fabric from small roll

GOAL 500 is a machine for decorating by engraving of large surfaces on a single area
or larger/multiples, by means of automated devices for moving the piece forwards.
Moreover, it is possible to process large areas with a composition of smaller modules
when higher resolution is necessary.
These treatments can be effected on the surfaces of fabrics, leather, artificial leather,
coated materials, flocked fabrics, etc.



Samil Fiber Dyeing Machine

Year 2005,
DTC5040 automatic control system
included all necessary valve, motor, etc ready to dyeing immed.
Capacity: 600 kg; 200 kg; 100 kg; 20kg & 5 kg



1 Sperotto Compactor

Model Compact type CK-240,
Year 1999, working width 2400 mm

Composed of:
constant hydraulic unroller, weft straightener brand Malho for knitting,
rame open for guided and vaporized with automatic entry and overeating,
compacted unit with two filters compacted on both sides of the fabric
Automatic output with inspection and tension control



Dyeing Plant

3 Miura Boilers (Steam generators), 300 H each.
Year : 1991, 1993, 1995
1000 Gallons stainless steel. water feed tank,
blow down tank, water softening system, salt add tank.

2 Air Compressors
30 H.P. air-cooled,
Air holding tank, air dryer

3 Water holding tanks,
4000 gallon capacity each.
Two stainless steel, one fibreglass

3 Tubular knit goods preparation machines and baskets

1 Bianco Open-width automated preparation machine
Year : 2006
Like New

1 Proeco Fabric turning tube
Year : 1995
8" diameter x 16' long ,air driven
Like New

2* Gaston County 6-Port Aqua-Luft Jets
Year : 1986
Add tanks, P.C. controllers (Gaston County)

2*  Gaston County 3-Port Aquavel (converted to A-830) Jets
Add-tanks, P.C. controls (ICES)

2* Year:1998 Gaston County 2-Ports FUTURA (26 ' long) jets
add tanks, P.C. controls (ICES)
1* Then 3-Ports Thenfow H.T.
Year : 1991
With add tank and original THEN P.C. control

1* Brazolli 2-Port High Temperature Jet,
Year : 1999 
With AREL control and add tank

1* Brazolli 4-Port High Temperature Jet,
Year : 1999 
With Arel control nd add tank

1* Sclavos 3-Ports Appolo jet
Year: 1994 
With Gaston County controls and add tank

2* Gaston County Beam Dyeing machines
Year : 1964
300 Kgs capacity
and Gaston County controls and add tanks
Completely refurbished in 2006

1 Ilma Sample Beam Dyeing machine
Year : 1970's
5 kg capacity with new electronic controls

1 Silk City Beam winding range
Year : 2006 
complete; includes a stainless steel 2-roll pad,
hoists, beam unwinding machine.
12 extra beams in various sizes and perforations
Like New

100 Dyehouse, wet and dry handling trucks (buggies),
Stainless Steel and PVC

*All Dyeing Machines are high temperature, high pressure



Finishing Plant

1, Bianco Turntable, Detwister, water extracting
and 2 pads (Proeco) for tubukar knitted goods
Year 1995

1 Bianco Water extracting, detwistier,
Fabric Plater (Scatcher) for opn-width fabric
entire machine in stainless steel
One of A Kind - Like New

1 Bianco Fabric slitter and turntable
modified in-house

2 Gessner 36-roll Napper,
108" wide with lint collection unit and spare rolls
knitted goods - Outstanding working condition

1 Woonsocket 20 rolls Napper,
Year: 2003
touchpad elecotronic controls and lint collection
Like New ,Outstanding working condition,Series 2000

2 Parks & Woolson 80" in-tandem Shear and lint collection unit
Outstanding working condition

1 Comet 80" Shear,
Year :1994
Electronic controls and lint collection unit
Outstanding working condition

1 Comatex Tucking machine and untucking unit
Year: 2003
Like New

1 Curtin Hebert Suedeing machine
Year 1980's
80" wide

1 Proeco Gas-fired Dryer,
3-zones doublepass - tensionless, belt-driven

1 Bruckner Complete pin Tenter,
Year :1985, refurbished in 1995
Includes pad, weft straighteners, batcher,
Gas-fired 4 zones, 8 burners - 80" wide

1 Santex 6-sone, gas-fired Santashrink Pin Tenter,
Year : 1997 ,refurbished in 2006.
Includes a double pad, weft straightener, batcher,
electronic control by touch pad. - Mint Condition

1  Marshall Willliams 4-zone, gas-fired Clip Tenter,
Year: 1980's
80" wide. Totally refurbished in 2010
Includes pad, weft straightener and many more features
Like New

1 Van Vlar 50 ton,3-roll Callander,
Gas-fired, controls.
Excellent working condition ,70" wide

1 Sperotto 40" Steam Calander
Year :1988

1 Sperotto 50" wide tubular Compactor
Year : 1995
felt driven

1 Sperotto 80 " wide open-width/tubular compacter,
Year : 1996
felt-driven - Like New

4 Inspection Frames,
Refurbished - Excellent condition

50 Merrow Sewing machines on tables

Warehouse shelving, lift truck (1 propane, 1 electric),
eletric walk behind lifts palette wrapping machines with turntables and much more

Laboratory and office and complete machine shop

Misc - stainless steel over 20,000 lbs.



1 TUBETEX open width compactor for knittings

Type C2500, Year 2006, working width 240 cm,
exit batcher, metal detector, one set of spare parts 



1 set of Poongkwang Tubular Compactor

Model: PK-TC-1350F
Working Width: 350~1350mm
Machine Speed: MAX. 25M/min
Power Consumption: APPROX. 22Kw
Steam Consumption: 80Kg/hr



1 BRUCKNER VN 24-4 Stenter for knittings

Year 1999, working width 240 cm, BRUCKNER padder, MAHLO weft straightner,
vertical pin chain, 4 chambers, thermic oil heating, non-stop winder


1 BRUCKNER VN 26-5 Stenter for knits

Year 1989, working width 260 cm, GOLLER padder, MAHLO weft straightner,
vertical pin chain, 5 chambers, thermic oil heating, non-stop winder


2 Stalam Radio Frequency Dryer

YOM: 2003
Model: RF85 KW
Electrical Capacity: 85 KW
Drying Capacity: 4,000kg/10hr.
Voltage / Frequency: 380 Volt/ 60 Hz.
Width of Conveyor :  1,750mm,
Length of Conveyor : 18,100 mm.
Width of Side Pannel : 2,200mm
Hieght of Cone : 235mm



1 Osthoff singeing line
Year:1995, 2.0 meters working width



Zimmer Rotary Screen Printer

Type: R 92/33, Year: 1992, Width: 72”,
8 Color, Combination Open Width and Tubular Printer,
With E&L Guiding and Selvage Cleaning System,
Model 2084/ E&L Slat Roll Guiding System,
Printer,All Motors Drives and Controls, Color Pipes and Gears, Pumps.
No Dryer



1 Reggiani Flat Screen Printing Machine

Type: Rembrandt Avant, Year:1988
Working Width:1820mm,12 Printing Positions,
Fitted With 11, Gas Dryer,Delivery Roll Or Plaiting.



Benninger MS-1-1E-EXTRACTA-LG Mercerizing Machine

Year 2000, Working Width 1800 mm
Roller Width 2000 mm
Speed: 6 to 60 M/Min
Average Speed for Hot Mercerizing: 46 M/Min
Voltage: 3 X 400/50
Total Power of Motors: 86kw
Power Installed: 153 Kva
Water Pressure Required: 2 Bar Min/4 Bar Max
Steam Pressure Required: 4 Bar Min/6 Bar Max
Steam Pressure for Cylinder Dryer: 6 Bar
Compressed Air Pressure Required: 6 Bar Min/12 Bar Max
Stainless Steel Construction
Caustic Recovery System
Ben Dry Cylinders



1 LAMPERTI LC/SF tigering, polishing and shearing Line

roller width 260 cm, for high pile fabrics (false fur, blankets, etc.)

Composed of:
1 LAMPERTI SF tiger brushing machine
roller width 268 cm

1 LAMPERTI LC polishing and shearing machine
roller width 260 cm
POLROTOR for polishing effect

Line equipped with dust suction ventilator



DSI Coating Range

Make: Diversified Systems

Operational Width: 132" 

Let Off: Center unwind from A-Frame

Dip Boxes: 2 dip boxes with squeeze rolls 

3 zone infrared 
2 vertical ovens with upper and lower sections of single side heating.
Controls for widths of 84, 108, or 132"
1 horizontal infrared at entrance to take up

Take Up:
Surface wind.  Each surface roll controlled by 3 hp 230/460 v drive
Auto guiding
Auto Doffing
Can run dual rolls
Up to 72" roll diameters

Footprint: 75 x 33', 30' high

Current Configuration:
Let off, accumulator, dip box, vertical oven, accumulator #2, dip box #2,
vertical oven #2, horizontal oven, take up

Unit is currently in production.  
Completely automated and electronically synced from let off to take up.  
Excellent for fiberglass, carbon or filament coating.
Sellers were coating fiberglass with Mistaflex A57-45E Alkali resistant coating.
25 yards per minute max speed.



SAWA Sueding Machine
Model Grand Prix, year 1998,
width 2000 mm, entry with tensioning,
02 heating cylinders,
06 sueding cylinders individually motorised,
exit with plaiter ,dust extraction.


1 Thermex Dyeing (Thermosol) Polyester line

Kuster continuous dyeing line
Year 1980, Working Width 180 cm
Steam heated
J. Box with 2x E&L selvedge guides
Küster squeezing padder 223/38
3 cylinders, double bacholle, year 1989
Cleaning roll
Steaming capacity 50m.
Squeezing padder
7 washing bays, each with squeezing padder
J. Box and rewinder at delivery

Monforts Thermex type
Year 1989, Working width 1.80 m
J. Box with 2 E&L selvedge guides
Küster squeezing padder 222-11, year 1980
2x infrared pre-dryer columns VTG-3M 2 * 6 ramps
3 drying compartments
3x cooling cylinders at delivery
J. Box
Rewinding system at delivery

Preparation Kitchen
3 stainless steel agitated tanks for thermosol
8ml of light racks
10 stainless steel tanks for continuous dyeing
4 retention vats in PE
Lift barrel



1Thies Ecosoft Jet Dyeing Machine

Type:140/ 2 DS, Year:1991
Capacity: 560kg
No Of Chambers: 2
Double Rope Design
Operating Temp: 140 Deg C
Operating Pressure: 3.5 Bar
Liquor Ratio: Min 1 : 5
Controller: AREL 304



5 Thies Softflow Jet Dyeing Machines

Type:140/ SV/ 2, Year: 1986
Capacity: 300kg (2 Ropes Of 150kg Each)
Operating Temp: 140 Deg C
Operating Pressure: 3.5 Bar
Liquor Ratio: Min 1 : 8
Controller: AREL 304



1Thies Soft TRD Jet Dyeing Machine

Type:140/ 2, Year:1992
Capacity: 600kg (2 Ropes Of 150kg Per Scray)
Operating Temp: 140 Deg C
Operating Pressure: 3.5 Bar
Liquor Ratio: Min 1 : 8
Controller: AREL 304

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